Suspect arrested for robbery of White Castle in Ferndale, hit-and-run crash

A man was arrested for robbing a Ferndale White Castle during the lunch rush.

"I asked him if he needed any help, and he walked up to the window like, 'Yeah,'" said a crew member. "He bent down and was like, 'Give me everything in the drawer.' I didn’t take him serious at first."

But as the robber stood at the window he made his demand very clear.

"I said, are you serious," the employee said. "And he said, 'Yes. I don’t want to hurt y’all, just give me what I ask for.'"

"In this particular case he was able to get away with approximately $200 from the cash register," said Officer Jillian Mahlmeister, Ferndale police.

Police were called to investigate the crime as the man took the money and left the restaurant without the patrons on the other side who were eating, realized what had transpired.

After the suspect left, the White Castle there was another incident that took place.

"Responding officers as they responded to the area they came upon a hit-and-run accident that occurred at eight and Woodward the suspect struck a vehicle as he was fleeing out of the city," Mahlmeister said,

Ricky Crowder

Ricky Crowder

The suspect got away but fortunately, no one was hurt

Eight days later on the fifteenth investigators were able to arrest 64-year-old Ricky Crowder at his Detroit home.

"He was charged by the prosecutor's office and he was arraigned yesterday on one count of armed robbery which is a life felony," the officer said.

Crowder received a $250,000 cash bond but at last check, remains behind bars. He has a previous conviction for bank robbery on his record.

FOX 2 reached out to White Castle which released a statement that reads in part.

"Whenever something unexpected happens that puts team members and customers at risk, we do everything we can to make sure everyone is okay. Thankfully, none of our team members or customers were physically harmed, and we are working closely with local authorities as they continue their investigation."

Now this crew member has to deal with the pain of this experience.

"You're not supposed to do stuff like that you have got to work to make an earning," she said, fighting back tears.