Suspect in clown mask fires on Livonia police after robbery attempt

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A masked suspect caught on camera pulling a gun on a guy at a Days Inn.

And he's ramping up his creepy crime spree, firing shots at police in Livonia. He was wearing a clown mask and police believe he is the same suspect behind a string of recent robberies.

"He said everyone down and remove the money from the drawer," said Siddhardha Babburi. "He was screaming."

It's the man on creepy clown crime spree that won't quit, and it became more violent Thursday firing at police.

"This whole social media thing with the clown masks across the country is getting out of control. It needs to come to end," said Capt. Robert Nenciarini, Livonia police.

Livonia police say this man dressed in a black hoodie, gray pants and a clown mask, may be involved in five armed robberies in Brownstown Township, Ann Arbor and Livonia in just two days.

On Thursday morning, police say the masked man robbed employees at the Embassy Suites at gunpoint.

"This guy's a criminal," said Dept. Chief Robert Matthews, Brownstown Police Department. "He's using the clown phenomenon to his advantage."

Just hours later a man wearing similar clothing, walked into this Livonia Days Inn.

"I was so afraid, I didn't know what to do," said  Babburi. "He was wearing a clown mask which looked like a Halloween mask with a pumpkin symbol on it.

"He showed me the gun like this, from the drawer."

Witness say the masked man... spooked... outside front door.

Escaping in what police believe is the same blue Chevrolet involved in the other clown-masked robberies. Livonia police found him near Plymouth and Farmington and begin to chase him. 

But then, police say he began firing at officers.

"He blows the light and must have been going at least 90 miles per hour," said Steve, who witnessed it. "(I heard) three extremely loud ‘pows.’"

Police lost him in that chase are now asking everyone to be on alert and are worried he's already planning his next hold up.

"I think he's starting to get desperate," Matthews said. "I think he's trying to get some money quickly for a reason. Obviously shooting at officers he doesn't want to get caught. I don't know how it's going to end, but probably not good for anybody."