Suspect opens fire on woman fleeing carjacking attempt

Detroit Police were seen outside a church and nursing home on Grand River near Chicago, after an attempted carjacking in broad daylight. The bad guys got away and a woman was lucky to have escaped with her life.

The victim posted on Facebook, “Before I could pull off he shot 5 shots through my driver’s side window with his gun.”

It happened around 11 a.m. as the woman sat in her car in front of the nursing home where her mom works. A guy walked up, knocked on her window, and pulled out a gun.

“He ordered her out of the vehicle. The victim inside the vehicle had some sense about her enough to start the vehicle and drive away,” said Mike Woody, spokesman for Detroit Police.

That's when the gunman started shooting. The bullets shattered the driver's side window - but the driver wasn't shot and was able to get away.

The victim must have been terrified but fortunately had the presence of mind to drive about a mile away to the 10th Precinct, where they were able to get her some help.

Meantime, back at the nursing home, employees and visitors hope for some extra police presence.

“This is a place of business, senior citizens, and health care professionals - so it needs a little more attention maybe from the police department,” said William Teague, a nurse.

“The world is crazy now. The Bible says we're living in the last days and that is true,” said Pat Goodlett, a nursing home visitor.

Detroit Police looking for two black men ages 20 - 30 years old. The gunman is described as having a medium complexion, and goatee - wearing a black hat and black jeans. The men left the area in a blue Ford Taurus.

“We are looking for video right now. I’m quite sure we will find some. We will identify these suspects and they will be brought to justice,” said Woody.

The victim posted on Facebook, “Thank you to all the witnesses who've stepped forward.”

She's just happy she's alive and able to celebrate with her brother on his birthday.