Suspect sought by Eastpointe police after drive-by shooting hospitalizes four

Four people, including a pregnant woman, were shot in Eastpointe late Monday night. The brazen crime is now the subject of an investigation as police search for the suspect.

The shooting spree came as a shock to residents in the Macomb County city who couldn't believe the violence had come so close to their home.

"(it was) so close," said Twanda Sanon.

The Eastpointe woman was at home on Kelly Road when she heard a commotion a few feet from her doorstep. When she stepped outside, she noticed a gray vehicle. It had been shot up.

"And the victims - it was four of them at least," she said.

According to Eastpointe police, around 9 p.m. Monday night, officers were contacted to the 23000 block of Kelly for a report of a shooting. 

When they arrived, they found multiple victims with gun shot wounds and began rendering aid. As more details came in, officers learned the shooting had occurred in the 19000 block of Dijon.

The victims told police they were parked outside a home when another vehicle pulled up alongside them and began shooting. 

During the police investigation, numerous shell casings were found in the roadway. There were also several bullet holes in the front of the home where the victim's vehicle had been parked. Police have since made contact with the residents and conducted interviews.

It's unknown if any of them were involved in the incident.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the shooting victims - two men and two women - were receiving care at a hospital for their injuries. 

After they were shot at, the victims' car crashed off Kelly, north of Nine Mile. Someone inside the car called 911 to report the incident shortly after.

When Sanon saw the incident unfold, she recalled seeing one victim on the sidewalk and another in the car. The first person she said she called was her daughter "…and let her know we just had a drive by shooting."

No suspect information is available as of April 2nd. 


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