Suspects in brick beating of teen with bone disease turns selves in

The family of a teen girl with a bone disease beaten with a brick, is pleading for justice.

"We want these people caught," said Pamela Backos, the victim's grandmother. "We want Desiree to have justice."

Dezzi Jenkins,16, was attacked as she left her family's apartment in Warren on Monday - beaten with a brick.  Police say a 21-year-old woman and an 18-year-old man assaulted her, while Dezzi's 18-year-old boyfriend, was also struck.

"They need to be punished for what they did because this is ridiculous - you don't harm anybody like that," said Dequilla Craig, the victim's aunt.

The attack was especially horrible for Dezzi - who suffers from brittle bone disease and now has multiple fractures in her face. She's hospitalized and will undergo surgery on Wednesday.

"Since the assault, the victim was taken to the hospital and several stories aired in local media and thanks to FOX 2 viewers reached out to the known suspects from the get go," said Dep. Chief Matthew Nichols, Warren police.

Police say once the reports aired on local media and social media - there was nowhere to hide. Investigators say the pressure was on and the suspects knew it - showing up here to turn themselves in.

"They actually drove themselves to the station today," Nichols said. "They came in and talked to the detectives and they were taken into custody."

It's not yet known what charges they will face at arraignment on Wednesday - also not known - exactly why anyone would do this to Dezzi Jenkins.

"A male and female came over and started this confrontation with name calling, throwing accusations," Nichols said. "But the specifics of it and the nature of the relationships is really unknown."

Regardless of what people's differences are you shouldn't result to assault to solve it. Be adults and move on."

A GoFundMe for Dezzi's medical expenses can be found HERE