Suspects in human trafficking probe lead Southfield police on high-speed chase before violent crash

A dramatic and violent end to a high-speed police chase conducted by Southfield officers was the climax of an investigation into human trafficking after concerns from the community led detectives to the Red Roof Inn.

When the chase ended, two cars were totaled and one woman was sent to the hospital with major injuries. Two men were arrested while two women who were suspected of being trafficked were taken to a hospital for observation.

Chief Elvin Barren made a plea to the women during a press conference Thursday that they need not be afraid anymore.

"I will appeal to both women: you’re not facing any charges, you are a victim of human trafficking and or being forced into a life of sex work," The Southfield Police Chief said. "However, we can provide resources to assist you both men are in custody and you are free from their control."

Before the chase, police got a 911 call on Sunday when someone observed a woman with another man who appeared to be holding her against her will. 

"She had a black eye and he's holding her hostage and you need to go find her," the caller told dispatch.

The tip led them to the Red Roof Inn and a man named Ricky Edwards Jr. A known parole absconder. The first attempt to track him down was unsuccessful. However, the day later on the 13th, police caught a break.

"The officers conducted a surveillance operation at the hotel when they observed Ricky Edwards Jr. along with Paul Dave and two white females exit their hotel rooms," said Barren.

The first effort at getting the car to pull over was unsuccessful. Paul Dave, driving the white SUV, initially stopped, but then took off on the Lodge. Dash camera video caught the entire chase.

Ricky Edwards Jr. and Paul Dave

At one point, police are seen driving on the shoulder. Investigators say at times Dave was traveling over 100 mph. The chase finally ended in Detroit at West Outer Drive and the Lodge Service Drive when the suspect's car collided with a black Kia. 

Driven by an Uber driver, a 26-year-old passenger sitting in the rear was thrown from the vehicle. 

"She sustained serious injuries and was transported to an area hospital for advanced medical treatment," Barren said. 

According to Detroit Police, who were also at the crash scene, six people were injured in the crash

Edwards surrendered to police after the crash. he suffered a broken arm. He was on parole for second degree murder. Meanwhile, Dave was charged with fleeing and alluding. As of Thursday evening, they have not bee charged with human trafficking. 


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