Suspended Detroit police officers investigated for illegal car towing scheme

Corruption allegations against several Detroit police officers, right now six are suspended and off the job.

The FBI's Public Corruption Taskforce is behind the probe, working in conjunction with DPD's internal affairs department. Mark Diaz, the president of the Detroit Police Officers Association, says the officers were suspended for "conduct unbecoming of a police officer."

The officers would allegedly receive $100 per car. FOX 2 is told the accused officers have not decided yet to work with FBI investigators.

The officers suspended were from the 6th, 8th, 11th and 12th precincts.

"As we understand one of the officers was assigned to an abandoned car detail," Diaz said. "Another officer assigned to traffic enforcement. In general, the officers were in regular patrol capacities."

WEB UPDATE: A Detroit police source has told FOX 2 that the reason for the suspension for their involvement in an illegal car towing scheme. Six officers are suspected of cruising neighborhoods looking for abandoned cars and calling local tow companies. 

Those six police officers are suspended with pay pending further investigation and/or arraignment. At that point the suspension would be without pay.

Detroit police and the FBI have both offered no official word on the reasons behind the suspension.