Sylvan Township water testing comes up clean after break-in at treatment facility

Officials are close to returning to normal operations at a Washtenaw County water treatment plant days after someone broke in and tampered with equipment inside the facility.

Water testing came back clean at the Sylvan Township plant while the department of public works was able to get a new batch of chemicals expedited to the facility after officials were unable to determine if the current barrels had been compromised.

Those who receive water from the treatment plant are still advised to avoid drinking from it until the township gets the all clear from the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy.

EGLE has also requested the water from the tower be purged "since we cannot be certain it was not compromised," the township said in an email. 

"We are hopeful that by tomorrow afternoon ELGE will give us the all clear and we can return to our normal routines. Once that happens, the Washtenaw County Emergency staff said they will send out a Notice again, and it will be hand delivered to those affected," it wrote. 

FOX 2 has reached out to the Washtenaw County Prosecutor's Office for an update on potential charges.

According to the Michigan State Police, a Belleville man illegally entered the facility around 7 a.m. on Monday before disrupting operations and tampering with system controls. They also defaced the outside of the building with graffiti. 

A chemical scale was also broken.

The suspect entered the property by cutting through a barbed wire fence before spray-painting the building's windows. It appears he also used items inside the facility to put together an impromptu bed.

As a result, a "Do Not Drink" advisory was posted for the 300 people impacted by the break-in.


Sylvan Township residents warned not to drink water after break-in at treatment plant

Residents were asked to avoid drinking or using tap water after a man broke into Sylvan Township's water treatment plant and tampered with system controls. Township officials are waiting for final test results from the state before lifting the "Do Not Drink" advisory.