Teacher makes special deliveries to students with gifts, care packages

There are teachers and then there is Ms. Shannon Osterland. 

Shannon is from Madison Early Childhood Center in Madison Heights. On Wednesday, she hand-delivered 15 gifts, care packages really to her kindergartners stuck behind a screen.

"Now that I don't see my kids for a while at least I get to see them in person for a minute," she said. "So that is really nice and special to me."

"This is awesome - the virtual stuff is so hard on them,"  said one mother. "I am glad to see them smiling."

"Normally we get to do crafts and this year we don’t get to do that."

Today she traveled from Warren to Detroit to Hamtramck.

"We are going to open it at our Zoom meeting tomorrow," she told the students. 

They’ll open them together which will be as much of a gift for the kids as it for the parents. 

One of Ms. Osterland's students receives a gift.

"It’s so kind because we’re struggling this year," said one of the parents.

"It’s been pretty difficult being in and out of work," said another parent.

"It is heart-wrenching to see these parents struggle and not only with the financial issues, but trying to keep their kids in front of a computer all day long," she said. 

A shining example of kindness for these kids and for everyone.