Ted Nugent: 'Democrats have abused Dr. Ford and Mr. Kavanaugh'

Say what you will about conservative Ted Nugent, one thing for certain -- he is opinionated.

He will vote no on legalized pot, Proposition 2, saying it is not a victimless crime and it is a gateway drug. He is not opposed to gay marriage, and says local school boards should have the right to ban guns in school but he says lives would be saved if guns were in schools.

Nugent says he believes the evidence supports Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

"The evidence will burn the eyeballs it's so glaring that it's about the Democrats delaying and protecting their sacred Roe vs. Wade and keeping a conservative off the court," he said.

He says he believes Dr. Ford 100 percent but she didn't have any specifics on her sexual abuse charges against Kavanaugh.

Nugent: "She wasn't certain it was Brett Kavanaugh that put his hand over her mouth. I don't think she had--"

Tim Skubick: "She said it was 100 percent."

Nugent: "Yeah, but did she actually know it was Brett? But I believed him 100 percent as well. I think it's a tragedy because I always want to err on the side of the victim if there is a victim. I think the Democrats have abused Dr. Ford and Mr. Kavanaugh."

On the Michigan political front, he's endorsed Bill Schuette for governor over Gretchen Whitmer.

"She might be a fine lady. In fact I've discussed different issues with her over the years, and she comes across sensible and reasonable on occasion but she's a Democrat," he said. "Gretchen Whitmer is Maxine Waters, she is Nancy Pelosi, she is Hillary Clinton."

Nugent says he believes the current governor is a good man and has done some good things, but:

"I salute his good work but it falls short in the final analysis," he said. "I believe that he's a Republican in name only."

Nugent concludes the biggest challenge to America is not what you might think.

"The biggest curse plaguing America today isn't left or right -- it's apathy, because an experiment in self government by all considerations demands participation," he said.