Teen says she was beaten by 3 women at Detroit fireworks

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A teenage girl left was left traumatized after she says she was attacked while waiting for the downtown fireworks show to start in Detroit.

The 15-year-old says she was beaten by three women in a parking lot at Mount Elliot and Jefferson.

Emelia Goodwin's mom said that the teen and a friend were waiting in the car when three women asked them to move the car. Goodwin was hesitant to do so, but eventually did.

The women then claimed the teen hit their car - then attacked her and were pulling out her hair.  An innocent bystander saw it and eventually intervened.

"He said he heard the scream of a child, that's why he went to go and break up the fight." Goodwin's mother said. "And it he didn't break it up, what could have happened? It could have been worse than that they were trying to Taser her. They were definitely trying to hurt her the way that they pulled her hair out."

The girl's other  went on to say the responding police officers threatened to arrest everyone involved, including her daughter, if she filed a police report.

Her mother says they believed it was her daughter who had the Taser, something both deny. She waited until later that night to file a report with another officer.

She's now looking to file a complaint against the officers who first responded to the attack. A spokesperson for the Detroit Police Department says the department is looking into all of this.

If you have you any information about what happened Monday night please don't hesitate to call Detroit police at (313) 596-5200.