The American's with Charlie LeDuff: Guns, God and Good Ol' Boys

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Kentucky Baptist churches have figured out a way to get good old boys in the pews. Give away steaks and guns. Yep.

Charlie LeDuff goes to Paducah, Kentucky to partake in one of these "Second Amendment Celebrations."

The disconnect? West Paducah was the site of the 1997 high school shooting that left three students dead. It was the first high-profile school shooting in the 24/7 News Cycle world: before Columbine, the Amish school house, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook and 150 others.

Have we forgotten?

Some people in Paducah think the gun give-away at the church is "insensitive."

Others, including Pastor Chuck McAlister, say it's just a Good Ol' Boy cultural thing.

"This issue is not guns. The issue is men's hearts," says McAlister. "Men who have their hearts changed through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ will handle guns responsibly."