The American's with Charlie LeDuff: In Colorado's Mile High City, is pot legal or not?

The pot business is booming in Denver. As of Jan. 1, recreational pot is legal there. Before you break out the bong and toke up, you need to know that firing up a doobie still violates federal law.
There's a big gray area in the legalization of pot and until the smoke clears, marijuana businesses are towing a fine line.

Its an all-cash industry; sales, payroll and taxes are all paid in cash. Banks won't touch the marijuana money because it violates federal law. The state of Colorado has no problem accepting its tax payments in cash, but does that mean the state is laundering money?
What ultimately happens in Colorado could end up spreading like wildfire across the country. After all, President Obama recently said he didn't believe marijuana was any more dangerous than alcohol.

In this edition of The Americans with Charlie LeDuff, Charlie and his crew head to Denver to talk to a banker, a politician, a drug pusher, a drug user and a top cop.  Nobody seems to know what's going on.

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