The Doctor Is In: Urgent Care & E.R.

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School is out and the weather is warming up.  That means kids and families are spending more time outdoors and getting exposed to different ailments and issues.  Dr. Bernice Sessa, an Urgent Care doctor from Beaumont Health, says they're seeing a lot of patients with fever, cough, upper respiratory infections and sore throat.  Dr. Sessa say many times, allergies are confused with upper respiratory infections. As more people spend time outdoors, there's also been an increase in muscular and bone injuries from falls, poison ivy, plant rashes, and sunburn. 

Dr. Bernice Sessa - Beaumont Urgent Care - West Bloomfield
Dr. David Weaver - Beaumont Emergency Center in Canton

Top 5 items to have in your Medicine Cabinet 

 1.     antiseptic wipes to disinfect wounds or clean hands
 2.     bandages of assorted sizes
 3.     medicine (acetaminophen, ibuprofen and aspirin to relieve headaches, pain, fever and simple                 sprains or strains and Benadryl for allergic reactions)
 4.     hydrogen peroxide to clean and disinfect wounds
 5.     hydrocortisone cream to relieve irritation from rashes