The hot dog couch of your dreams will only set you back $7,100

The Neiman Marcus Seletti Soft "Hot Dog" is shown in a website photo. (Photo credit: Neiman Marcus)

Neiman Marcus, the high-end boutique retailer, is selling a fancy hot dog couch for $7,100.

The couch, which is made in Italy, won’t be available to ship until Dec. 6. If you do want it shipped out, it’s an extra $295.

On the Neiman Marcus website, photos show the couch shaped like a hot dog bun, with the back end even featuring a sesame seed design.

As for the hot dog? The wiener is a giant couch-length-sized pillow with a mustard accent. It also comes with two pillows – a pickle and tomato slice.

The 1,433-couch features cotton, polyester, viscose, acrylic, leather and linen fabrics, while the structure is made of wood, polyurethane and resin, according to the website.