The wall and the government shutdown

The shutdown, the wall, are the big topics tonight.

Is there really a big crisis at the border with Mexico or is that just an excuse for the president to keep his campaign promise?
Who's really suffering from the shutdown? Everybody in The White House and every member of Congress is still getting paid.

But the workers who keep this country running and won't get a paycheck this weekend -- and may not get one for weeks or months to come. 
Who's right, who's wrong, and how do we solve it?

Part 1 Panel:

Jose Franco, founder of "One Michigan" for immigrant rights.

Jimmy Johnson, WOMC DJ and conservative pundit.

Greg Bowens, Detroit City hall veteran, aspiring Michigan Democratic Party leader

Dr. Joseph Guzman former co-chair of Trump campaign, economic policy PHD

Part 2 Panel:

Gregory Simpkins, TSA airport officer, American Federation of Government Employees union member.

Part 3 On The Road

Charlie Langton goes on the road to ask what metro Detroit thinks about Trump's plan for a wall.