Thieves break into nearly 20 cars over weekend in Ferndale

Police say the common denominator with the break-ins, they were all parked in the street and had all been left unlocked. Lt. Bill Wilson of the Ferndale Police department says, "the simplest thing to do is keep the cars locked and not keep anything valuable in the cars, especially in sight from the outside."

Bruce Channel, Ferndale resident, says it is usually pretty quiet around his neighborhood. "You always hope for the best but you just don't know these days."

According to police, it appears the break-in bandits are mostly going for money, phones and other items that can be swiped fast and sold for money. It also appears that these bandits have done this before.

For those who have fallen on hard times, having your car broken into can be a costly setback, even if nothing is actually taken. Pat Hilley, also a resident of Ferndale says "people are going to try and do whatever they can to get by, and unfortunately if you leave your self open to it they will take advantage."

Police need your help solving these crimes and  if you heard or saw something that could be helpful to investigators, you're are asked to give them a call at (248) 541-3650.