Thieves caught on camera stealing mother's SUV in school parking lot

Thieves targeting cars in the parking lot of a Detroit school. FOX 2 is told it's been going on for the last two years but their latest heist has been caught on video.

It is hard for Tiffany Hudson to watch her 2004 GMC Envoy just drive away with someone else behind the wheel.

"I've been saving and saving for me and my children," she said.

It was stolen around noon Tuesday from a fenced-in parking lot at a Detroit Public School at the corner of Outer Drive and Hubbell.

The criminals were resourceful but sloppy. A piece of brick was left behind all caught on tape by a private investigator who happened to be right place right time.

Tiffany found the PI by accident, thinking it was her stolen car.

"'I said 'I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you, someone stole my car and it's really similar to yours,'" she said. "He's like 'I know I saw the whole thing.'"

He was working a separate case but started recording when he saw a guy pick up a landscape brick and smash it, as if he was testing a weapon.

He kept recording as the man and another walk into lot, straight to the victim's GMC. In no time  they pick the lock, spend two minutes hammering away at the club, then off.

A valuable recording catching a crime as it happens.

"All the footage from the beginning to the end," Hudson said. "From them choosing a brick to them driving off with my vehicle."

From the looks of things, it didn't appear to be their first time. In fact it was the first time it happened to her.

"Last year I had a Concord and they stole that out of the parking lot," she said.

When she went looking for help from the police, explaining she had this video she says they didn't want it.

"They never asked to see it," she said. "I asked them several times and they told me that if I find my car to let them know."

Detroit police told FOX 2 detectives typically follow up with victims and take the evidence at a later date.

But this mom is worried about what's happening right now.

"Me and my babies, we just need a vehicle."

If you would like to make a donation to their family car fund, you can do so via their GoFundMe account