Thieves destroy liquor store, make ransom demand to owner

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Thieves are caught on camera breaking in and ransacking a Detroit liquor store. They stole cash, a weapon, and merchandise, then called the store the next day to offer to give the stuff back. But the clerk had to pay for it.

The owner of the store, who asked not to be identified, said A&D Liquor on Detroit's Southwest side was broken into early Friday morning. He says the crooks made off with more than $40,000 in merchandise.

"When I opened the door I see everything. They took cigarettes, lottery, baby milk, my gun, cash money. They took a lot of stuff," he said.

The owner of the store says as he was trying to deal with the realization that his business had been broken into when he received the ransom call.

"He called and he was laughing and said 'if you give me $10,000 I'll tell you who did that' and started laughing. He said 'we're going to have a party today, want to come and join us?'"

He didn't give them the money but he's willing to give you some cash, if you know who did it.

"The way they walked through store; they didn't try to disguise, (they acted like) we don't car, we're not going to wear mask or anything, this is how we act, this is how we look. If anyone tell me who they are I'll give them up to $5,000."

Police say they are investigating this incident and the owner says he closed his business Friday to clean up...but will reopen Saturday. The owner also says moving forward he will change the way he operates his business and limit the inventory he gets every week.