Thieves have stolen more than $125,000 in equipment from this welding teacher

Welding is a skill trade very much in demand and Welding Concepts Training in southwest Detroit is working to fill that need.

"With this welding trade if you learn it, if you work hard - there's nothing where you can't make six figures - more than you'll ever get from stealing something," said Donald Martin.

But Martin says it's happened again -- the third break-in at his facility at Vernor and 21st Street. This time, the criminals broke into the mobile training unit. He's likely lost $125,000 worth of equipment.

"Seems like most of the stuff that was targeted was all my welding stuff," he said. "I had computers, I had monitors, I had other valuable tools that was still left here, scattered around the trailer."

"So they knew what they wanted," he added.

Martin says they broke in over the weekend, this time taking $40,000 worth of welding equipment. A welder with over 50 years of experience who has invested his own money to try to teach others a trade in Detroit - the setbacks have been demoralizing for life-long craftsman.

"I'm still working and trying - haven't given up yet and at this age in my life, I'm 68 years old and I'm still giving back everyday," said Martin. 

Martin has a message for the thieves, hoping someone saw something and will speak up.

"Get my stuff back - you're really robbing not only from me but from the community," he said.