Thieves smash into Detroit sneaker shop with stolen truck

A group of suspects used a stolen truck to break into a small Detroit business, stealing a considerable amount of clothing and shoes, according to police.

Culture DET is a sneaker and clothing store on Livernois in Detroit; it's where sneaker heads come to collect and trade shoes. The smash-and-grab took place just before 3 a.m. Wednesday.

"They took a pickup truck and backed into the front of the building. Tore down the whole facade of the building," said Juanzel Smith, the co-owner of the business. "And we later found out that the truck was stolen too."

Detroit police Commander Kurt Worboys said about six unknown males broke into the shop and stole merchandise. 

Police arrived on scene within minutes.

Officers were "able to see the vehicle fleeing southbound," Worboys said. Police "followed for short period of time, but we don’t chase for property. The speed became very excessive."

Now the search for the suspects continues.

"We’re going to put some more units out there to try to prevent this from happening in the future," Worboys said.

The stolen items and damage left at Culture DET is upsetting to the owners – especially since this is not their first smash-and-grab.

The previous incidents "went back to 2015," Worboys said. "There’s been 8 incidents," including Wednesday's.


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"When we first got into the business, you would hear a lot of stories of guys making deals on Craigslist or Facebook. And then you meet up – fake money, fake shoes," Smith said. "So we wanted to create a safe haven where kids can be able to buy, sell, and trade, and start their own businesses – and do it the right way."

For now, efforts are underway to clean up the glass and board up the open space.

"To the bums who did this, go get a job," Smith said.