Thieves steal $13K worth of clothes from Downtown Detroit Lululemon in front of police

Police were surveilling the Downtown Detroit Lululemon store Monday when a group of thieves walked out with about $13,000 worth of stolen clothing.

Michigan State Police detectives and Michigan Attorney General Special Agents set up surveillance near the store on Woodward after receiving a tip about a crime ring targeting Metro Detroit Lululemon stores. 

While outside the store, detectives spotted suspects from previous thefts. Shortly after, police said the suspects walked out carrying clothes, and five females who have not been identified were arrested.

Police say they believe the group is responsible for other thefts from Lululemon. They are suspected to have stolen upwards of $125,000 worth of merchandise from the stores.

"While many may think retail fraud as a ‘lower level’ crime, these large scale retail thefts put both the public and store employees in danger as well increasing the price at the register for consumers," said MSP F/Lt Mike Shaw.

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