Thieves steal thousands in lawn equipment on camera

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Thieves wait for a landscaper to turn his back - and steal his tools, but the whole crime was caught on camera.

The incident happened at noon Tuesday to the owner of Done Right Lawncare.

"He was over there doing the landscaping for Matick Chevrolet and they went to the bathroom next door at the gas station," said Eric Hamlin, Survey Equipment Sales Manager.

At this point, three men in a black Chevrolet Equinox drove by and noticed the work truck parked on the Redford Township side street.
In less than a minute they stole a weed wacker, a leaf blower among other equipment.

"They ran through, jumps in the back seat of the car with both pieces of equipment. He jumps out of the other side of the car and grabbed more, pulling stuff out of the trailer," Hamlin said.

The crooks not bothered by anyone who saw them commit their crime.

"They were shoving the doors shut and that's when a customer of ours pulled up and said they saw they saw them shoving something in the car and worried it was a kidnapping or something like that," Hamlin said.

By the time Hamlin went out to check, they were gone. But the crime was caught on the business' security system.

Three months ago the business itself was the victim of a crime and have signs posted prominently that you are on camera and being recorded.

On three separate occasions someone would break the store windows with a rock prompting the business owner to upgrade security. Still criminals seem undeterred.

"There was a tag there that said 'You are on surveillance' and he pushed that and - he didn't run, he casually walked off," Hamlin said.

As was the case for the landscape worker who lost thousands in a matter of seconds.

"Parasites want to feed off the host and unfortunately that guy became the host and they took what wanted of his," Hamlin said.

Redford Township police also shared the video and are asking for help bringing these thieves to justice. If you have information call Redford PD at (313) 387-2500.