Thieves use sledgehammer to break into Detroit pizza place

Thieves armed with sledge hammers broke into a pizza place Tuesday on Detroit's east side for the second time in just a few months.

Staff at the restaurant tell Fox 2 that just before 5 p.m. Tuesday, three suspects approached the door to Papa's Pizza on Harper. A crowbar is used to bust the doorknob and gain entry. Once inside, the suspects face a locked glass door. That's when the suspects use a sledgehammer to break the glass and enter the dining area of the restaurant.

But these robbers don't want pizza sauce and dough. They quickly use a sledgehammer to break the knob of a third door that leads into the kitchen area. When they saw a door leading to the office, they kicked it in and went inside. 

Restaurant employees say the suspects stayed inside the office for a minute or two, but left after not finding any money or valuables to take. Staff also say this is not the first time this restaurant was broken into. Two months ago robbers broke inside and came out empty-handed, but the cost to repair damages and the broken glass door was around $1,500.

And now managers say they'll have to put out money once again to fix this glass door and damages that resulted from Tuesday's break in. Police say these suspects are still in the run. If you recognize them or have information call Detroit police.