Third gang rape suspect turns self in, says police have wrong person

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Gang rape suspect Chico Lee Bruce has a tearful goodbye to family before turning himself in for a crime he says he is innocent of.

A third man suspected of raping and attacking couples in Detroit is in custody after turning himself into police.

But before heading to jail, he came to FOX 2 wanting to set the record straight. He changed his mind after he was stopped at the front gate and headed for downtown  - where FOX 2's Taryn Asher was waiting.
"They got me on the run for something I haven't done," Bruce said. "Why wouldn't I turn myself in."
Chico Bruce say he has nothing to hide. With his family by his side, he cries, clutches his newborn baby and even says a prayer before turning himself in at the Wayne County jail. But first he spoke to FOX 2.

"I'm here, I'm turning myself in," Bruce said. "Doing the right thing I haven't done anything, I'm innocent."

Over the last month three couples have been robbed beaten and raped and police believe up to six men are responsible for the vicious attacks up and down McNichols in Detroit during three separate incidents. 

The men forced the couples into alleys at gun point, stole their cell phones and raped the women forcing the men to watch.

Last week two suspects 18-year-old Antoine Orr and 17-year-old Jordan Reese were arrested last week.

On Monday police released a picture of a third suspect, Bruce, 22.

"I've been following the news, following it," said Trena Fields, Bruce's mother. "I said whoever did this they need to be under the jail, because it's senseless. You don't do this to people and then to see my son's face on the news? I'm heartbroken."

FOX 2: "Why do you think police believe you may be responsible?"

"I don't know," Bruce said.

Bruce claims he was with his girlfriend and family at the time of the attacks.

He admits he knows one of the suspects from his old neighborhood - but maintains he has nothing to do with the gang rapes and robberies.

"I don't even affiliate with him," Bruce said. "He's a kid."

FOX 2: "Police suspect this may be gang activity."

"I've never been in a gang," he said. "I'm not in a gang. It isn't me, I didn't do it. I'm innocent. I want a lie detector test, everything. 

"I just want to get it over and done with."

Bruce was asked if he had been involved in any crimes before, and said he had been involved in some retail crimes which he is currently on probation for right now - but nothing violent. 

Police are investigating whether there was up to six suspects involved overall.  Also, not every suspect could be involved in each of the three attacks.

Sources say police are checking to see whether the attacks may be connected to gang initiation. Several gangs are connected to Six Mile Road and they are trying to narrow down which one and who may be involved.