Transgender activists sound off on Trump's military ban

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President Donald Trump declared the military off limits to Transgender individuals Wednesday.

In a series of tweets he said "The military must be focused on victory and can't be burdened with medical costs and disruption."

"We are American citizens - we live here," said Julisa Abad.

Abad is an activist for Detroit's Transgender community and just recently she did cultural competency training for the U.S. Army in Lansing, educating military personnel about Transgender issues.

Now after President Donald Trump's tweet storm, she doubts she'll be invited back.

"It's so ironic to me that these Trans individuals are willing to risk their lives for their country and want to fight," Abad said. "But they are also wanting to do it in a country that honestly doesn't protect us - and doesn't give us the same rights."

Retired Army Lt. Col. Andrew "Rocky" Raczkowski says Transgender individuals could have too many medical needs to serve on the battlefield.

"We need to, as a society, accept all individuals and treat individuals on the same even playing field," he said. "The military is different.

"If someone becomes ill or needs any type of surgery or what have you, it takes away from the mission of fighting an enemy."

But Transgender people are already serving in the military and Wayne State Civil Rights activist and attorney Peter Hammer says, that's the way it should remain.

"He's standing on the wrong side of history with respect to Gay and Lesbian rights, with respect to Transgender rights," said Hammer. "Military people want to serve this country, right. There's nothing worse to tell somebody who is a loyal citizen and a loyal patriot that they can't serve for such an arbitrary and capricious reason."