Trenton High School teacher, coach accused of bullying students

A Trenton High School coach is accused of bullying and humiliating a student over her basketball skills and many other students report the same type of treatment.

A message reading "Guess who fouled out of the girls basketball game yesterday" was on the overhead projector for the class to see, allegedly from a teacher. When the student posted this apparent public shaming on social media it was clear the student wasn't alone. 

"The high school administration became aware of an issue on Friday and then received additional information over the weekend," said Superintendent Rodney Wakeham.

The response was social media posts in the hundreds, some citing first hand accounts. One student wrote that she was called a "dirty trash bag that she wants to bury." Another says they were made to stand in front of the class, and were screamed at when they left. 
For one senior, seeing these allegations were too much to leave alone. 

"I just didn't want other people to go through that same thing," said Kaelyn Dybata.

Dybata said the same teacher is why she chose to transfer from Trenton High School, claiming she endured similar treatment as a member of a high school sports team. 

"Little comments that she would make that would belittle a lot of people on the team," she said.
"She would come home all upset and some of the comments that were being said," her father said.

She said the treatment was so bad they went to the district last year. They said nothing was done to the teacher, but something did happen to Kaelyn.

"What we feared would happen, the retaliation from us speaking up and putting our concerns we feel that that's what happened. Kaelyn was cut from the team," her father said.

Not everyone thinks the teacher's tactics cross the line. One student came to the teachers defense saying, "her goal is to push kids beyond their comfort zone." 

FOX 2 attempted to reach the teacher at her home, but were met with a no comment. 

"Any actions that would be interpreted as bullying are considered serious, will be investigated and appropriate corrective measures will be taken," Wakeham said.

At this point no action against the teacher has been taken as the allegations are only now being investigated. The superintendent says anyone who has additional information or complaints should contact the district.