Troy preschoolers help other kids by raising money for Make-A-Wish

Preschoolers at The Learning Experience in Troy are discovering how to help others at a young age.

Each April, students learn about philanthropy. 

On Tuesday, the students were painting stars, the logo for Make-A-Wish, to give to others.

"It's beautiful. They did a great job, and they all chose someone to donate it to, so that's once again showing that they know the concept of what donation means," said Melanie Newton, the director at The Learning Experience.

It can be a tough concept for some adults to understand, but these preschoolers are learning.

The Learning Experience and its philanthropy program, dedicated to kindness and inclusion and helping others, raised $1.5 million for Make-A-Wish nationwide.

This year they're hoping to double that. At the school in Troy, they raised $5,000 last year and granted a wish for a local child who went to Disney World. This year they hope to raise $10,000 and grant two wishes.

"I just think it's a great thing. We're helping children and we're laying foundational skills for little learners for future, so all the way around everybody wins," Newton said.