Troy's police cat is an internet smash; makes The Daily Show

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Watching The Daily Show, Troy police Sgt. Meghan Lehman can't help but smile.
As a fan maybe - but mostly because she is the person behind the police department's social media sensation - police cat "Pawficer Donut."

What started as a tweet has now gone national and in turn bringing paw--sitive attention to Troy police.

"It's pretty surprising, it's cool," she said. "We are not out there trying to be famous but is neat to see us reach so many people we are doing something that’s working."

So why is it working? Sgt. Lehman and her Community Services team of three had to find a way to engage the community on social media.

"Once we started using humor and edgier approach that's when it really picked up people, they like to see people are human," Lehman said.

Lehman credits her chief for being supportive and allowing the crew to take risks. Troy police instantly began gaining followers on Twitter and Facebook. And the reach was not only in Troy - but for people all over the world.

And these days Troy dispatchers aren't just receiving emergency calls - people want to know about the department's new pet on patrol - Pawficer Donut. The police cat also stars in their latest tweet - car pool karoke battle against Shelby Township police.

Better police relations with the community continues to pay off online.

"The more followers we get on this fun stuff then when we have something more important, we can reach more people with that information as well," Lehman said.