Truck driver busted at Canadian border for smuggling sick pit bull pups

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A truck driver was busted at the border for animal cruelty, accused of smuggling pit bull puppies into Ontario where the breed is banned.

Sadly, not all of those puppies survived and others will be looking for good homes. A picture shows two of eight American-born pit bull puppies currently stranded in Windsor.

They were pulled by Canadian officials from a man who was allegedly trying to smuggle the pit bulls across the Ambassador Bridge into Canada.

"(He) was crossing the border with nine pit bull puppies and his own personal dog," said Sandra Abrahamian of Detroit Pit Crew. "And he was detained."

For the past 11 years, pit bulls have been illegal in the province of Ontario. But according to the National Post News in Canada, the banned dogs are brought in by hundreds illegally and sold on the black market.

Making matters worse for these puppies is their poor health condition.

"When they first came, they said they had tape worm, round worm, hook worm and coccidia," Abrahamian said.

They have been at a Canadian Humane Society since Sept. 13 when they were confiscated, too sick to travel. One of the puppies is said to have died in their care.
But they'll be coming back to U.S. soil on Wednesday.

"The Windsor Essex (County) Humane Society is going to cross the border," Abrahamian said. "She is going to meet us by the bridge there and give us the puppies."

The I Heart Dogs No-Kill Shelter in Warren volunteered to house the smuggled pups.

"This is what we do," said volunteer Mary Ann Bauman. "Our job is get animals that need help and give them a fighting chance and I think they are going to find fantastic homes and we are excited to be able to help."

But it comes with a catch. The Centers for Disease Control signed off on the International Dog Drop-off but recognizes the pits as Canadian.  So the pit bulls have to be quarantined for 30 days. It is a tall order for a busy shelter, but they are prepared.

"We have a quarantine room which is where they will be housed," said Bauman.

As for what will happen to the alleged smuggler, FOX 2 reached out to the Canadian Border Service Agency who says they are looking into the case.

The eight pit bull pups will be ready for adoption after the 30 day hold you can find more information on the I Heart Dogs Shelter on the Dave Spencer FOX 2 Facebook page.