Trump projected to repeat Macomb County win for 2020 despite projection to lose state

Despite being projected to lose the state of Michigan by FOX News, for the second time Donald Trump appears to have won the majority of the vote in Macomb County, keeping his track record to flip the vote in a once-reliable Democratic-voting county.

Unofficially Trump took 53.3 percent of the vote with 264,535 to Joe Biden’s  45.4 percent with 225,561 out of 100 percent of precincts reporting.

The election results in 2016 in Macomb County stunned the nation and helped catapult Trump to the White House. In 2016, Trump beat Hilary Clinton in the county by 48,348 votes - the largest sweep for a presidential candidate the county has seen in at least 16 years.

In Oakland County Biden is projected to win with 56 percent of the vote, continuing the stretch of Democratic party dominance there.

The second-closest sweet was when Barack Obama beat John McCain in Macomb County by just over 36,000 votes in 2008. Last election, Trump received 54 percent of the vote in the county for a near-identical performance.