Trump supporter hit on Telegraph with water bottle thrown from speeding car

Every Saturday for the past for weeks a family has stood along Telegraph proudly waving a Trump flag with others and say they have always remained peaceful. This last Saturday all that changed. 

From 12 to 4 each Saturday a group of President Donald Trump supporters stand, proudly waving flags along Telegraph Downriver.

This past Saturday they chose a spot in Taylor and about 20 minutes into the rally she got the first sign that the tide was turning. 

"A guy threw a shake and it splattered over my leg," said Shanell. "So a guy puts up a camera to see if anyone else would throw anything else."

Shanell was there with her mother and two boys - and what happened next was caught on camera. 

"All of a sudden it felt like a brick hit me on the leg," she said. "I yelled, went down to the ground, and was crying."

A water bottle was thrown from a passing car hit her leg

"Just the look in his face when he threw it," Shanell said. 

Her kids witnessing the whole thing. 

"My face turned so red, I just wanted to go after him," said her son Leland. 

"It's okay honey," she said.

Their mom thought of all the what-if scenarios.

"If he would have hit my son. he could have killed him," she said.

That concern turned to anger and wanting justice for what was done to her. 

"I have a right to stand there and wave my flag and support Trump just like they have a right to support Biden," she said.

Shanell has filed a report with the Taylor Police Department hoping the video will help lead to an arrest.