Two 18-year-olds charged in murder of Detroit firefighter

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Two suspects have been charged in connection with the death of a Detroit firefighter last week. 

Arondez Carter and Shomari Walker, both 18 years old, are both facing multiple charges including first-degree murder and armed robbery. 

Off duty Detroit firefighter Jack Wiley II, 28, was found shot inside his home a week ago. He served four years with the Detroit Fire Department. 

Last week, police said they believe the two suspects shot and killed Wiley, ransacked his house, stole his SUV and set the vehicle on fire. They were captured several days later. 

The complete list of charges they're facing includes: Felony Murder, First Degree Premeditated Murder, Armed Robbery, Tampering with Evidence, 4th Degree Arson, and Felony Firearm.