Two charged as police recover stolen hard drives from Chad Carr family

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Tears of joy after the Carr family got news that hard drives containing photos and videos of their late son recovered after being stolen from their home.

Chad Carr, the grandson of former U-M football Coach Lloyd Carr, was lost to a brain a brain tumor in 2015,

"They saw it on television and realized that those were on the hard drives because he realized what house he had been in," said Tammi Carr, Chad's mom. "So when he was arrested he actually told them where to go find those hard drives."

John Brooks and Thomas Leath were both arraigned in court Friday on charges stemming from the theft at the Carr family home as they vacationed.

In addition to the hard drives that contained pictures of Chad, a family vehicle was recovered as well as a computer. But passports belonging to family members were not.

Tammi Carr says watching the arraignment was bittersweet.

"You did something wrong, but you fixed it," she said. "And we are so grateful to have those memories back."

The family says now that their valuables will be returned the money they were offering for a reward will go to a different cause.

"We want to help the Pittsfield Township Police Department in a program that can help," Tammi said.

Moving forward the family says they're will continue to raise awareness and money for The Chad Tough Foundation which supports pediatric brain tumor research.

And they are grateful that the precious memorabilia of their son will be right back where it belongs.

"I appreciate that you had the heart and I hope maybe it can change your heart for the future," she said. "It's sad."