Two headed for trial in murder of up-and-coming Detroit rapper

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Suspects in Dex Osama murder are Dietrick Odums, left, and Otis Davis.

Two men accused of shooting and killing an up and coming Detroit rapper were back in front a judge.

But the anger in court spilled out into the streets ending with a brawl. The fight broke out  at the end of the preliminary exam at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice.

Police made at least one arrest and restrained people frustrated over the case of Dex Osama, a local rapper shot to death last September.

In court new security camera video revealed in court showed the moments leading to the shooting of Osama. People run out of the Crazy Horse strip club, moments after a shot is fired inside.

On video a fight starts out by the door. Dex, is seen with a gun, then fires a shot into the air.

Next, a man believed to be 47-year-old Otis Davis fires back into Dex's chest. At least 25 more shots are fired off of camera.

A statement was also read to the judge, with Davis's admission.

"'Why did you shoot the guy outside the club,'" said a police detective reading from a statement made after the shooting, "'I saw him with the gun in his left hand then he switched it to the right hand. Once he switched  from the left hand to the right hand I thought he was about to shoot. So I shot him.'"

Davis, faces charges of open murder, and felonious weapons charges. Co-defendants Dietrick Odums, 31, is charged with assault with intent to murder, and felonious weapons charges. Both have been bound over by the court.

Davis's attorney Todd Perkins is arguing the shooting was started by Dex Osama started the shooting and Davis reacted in self-defense.

The judge today decided there is enough evidence here to send these two defendants to trial. That will begin Nov. 6.