Two men found dead from suspected carbon monoxide poisoning

Two men were found dead from apparent carbon monoxide poisoning Wednesday night.

They were found at a house on Stout Street in northwest Detroit, which is near Six Mile and Evergreen roads.

Investigators say both men, who are in their 40s, were found in the living room. One was apparently celebrating a birthday. A generator was found in the basement, which is the suspected cause.

"We have two adult males that were found unresponsive in the living room of the location location," said Capt. Russell Solano, Detroit police. "We believe they may have succumbed to fumes from a generator that is in the basement. We don't have a lot more than that."

There is no electricity to the home. The generator that was in the basement had cables connected to it, and the theory is they were supplying the house with power.

Investigators say there is no evidence of foul play.

Authorities remind us that generators need to be placed outside. Anywhere where there is a roof overhead and insulation, it will absorb the carbon monoxide fumes.