Two people hit by a train while trespassing railroad bridge in Ann Arbor

A man and a woman were hit by an Amtrak train while trespassing a railroad bridge in Ann Arbor, according to the Ann Arbor Fire Department (AAFD).

"This was a near double fatal incident. We cannot stress enough, do NOT trespass on the railroad bridges or tracks," said the AAFD.

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According to the fire department, both of the adults were trespassing on the railroad bridge south of Mitchell Field when they were struck by an Amtrak train around 7p.m. on Sunday.

"The newer Amtrak engines are very quiet and do not sound their air horns when traveling through Ann Arbor (no grade crossings). The trains also quickly get up to 55+ mph. Pedestrians on the tracks do NOT have time to react," said the AAFD.

One of the adults was thrown into the Huron River and suffered critical injuries. The other landed on the embankment and was seriously injured.

Both adults were given medical care on the scene. The patient that was critically injured had to be packaged and carried up the steep embankment to be transported to the hospital, according to the AAFD.

The Ann Arbor Fire Department reminds people not to trespass on railroad bridges or tracks.