Two men found shot to death in Inkster, MSP investigating

The Michigan State Police said it is investigating a double homicide in Inkster on Wednesday.

According to MSP, detectives were called to a home on Williams Street just west of Inkster Road around 1:30 Wednesday.

Authorities said they've only just started the investigation and no other details were released. Detectives are writing search warrants and waiting for crime lab techs.

FOX 2 has learned the two victims are both men, one in his 20s and one in his 30s.

Police Chief Bill Ratliff would not elaborate further on the case.

"I'm not gonna talk about (how many shots were fired) because there's an ongoing investigation going on here and with a sensitivity to what we know what's happening inside the house needs to stay confidential until we get a little further into it," he said.

Ratliff also would not comment if the two were on the radar of police.

Friends and neighbors who talked dato FOX 2 said they don't know what could have led to the shooting. 

Police were focusing on the back of the house during the investigation, which will be handled by Michigan State Police.