Two suspected MS-13 gang members charged in 'satanic' murder of teen girl

Two suspected MS-13 gang members have been charged with murder in the death of a girl whose body was found lying in a southwest Houston road on Feb. 16.  They appeared in court Wednesday night. Police report Miguel Angel Alvarez-Flores, 22 and Diego Alexander Hernandez-Rivera, 18 are MS 13 gang members from El Salvador. They are currently being held on $150,000 bond.

According to initial reports,  a 14-year-old girl told investigators the girl was kidnapped, held against her will for several days at an apartment on Gessner, and repeatedly sexually assaulted by members of the gang after she ran away from school one day.  The witness told investigators she believes that the body found on Feb. 16 is a girl she met at the apartment where they were both being held. The body was discovered on Sharpcrest Road and Sam Houston Parkway South at 7:35am on Feb. 16.

Investigators say that Hernandez-Rivera shot the girl in the head and Alvarez-Flores shot her in the chest as part of a satanic type of ritual. Houston police reported that a man who was taking his kids to school found the body.  Investigators added that the victim, who is believed to be a girl in her teens, was shot several times.

Police are still trying to identify the victim through the Harris County Institute of Forensic Services. They mention that they do not know whether she lived in one of the several apartment complexes in the are or was brought and dumped at the location. 

If you have any information in this case or know of anyone who saw or heard the crime, please contact Crime Stoppers at 713.222. TIPS.