U-M not allowing students who have ignored Covid testing back on campus

The University of Michigan has been a hotbed for coronavirus variants and now hundreds of students are accused of violating Covid testing protocols. Those students are now banned from buildings on campus.

In other words, no test, no access

"These are students who have had multiple reminders to do their testing and we have not heard from them," said Rick Fitzgerald, University of Michigan.

The test is not academic. It's a coronavirus test and it's required to go back to academic buildings at The University of Michigan. 

"Mandatory testing protocol that we rolled out for this term, (is required) for any student coming to campus for learning, research or work on campus," said Fitzgerald, the assistant vice president of public affairs.

The policy is for the Ann Arbor campus only and impacts nearly 400 students.

"It's actually a small number, about 5-percent of the 7,500 students or so, who we know are registered for on-campus, in-person learning," he said.

The policy comes after the university had to postpone games after several student-athletes tested positive for coronavirus and a member of the University of Michigan community who had recently been to the United Kingdom was diagnosed with the UK variant.  

The university believes testing is one way to prevent spread on campus.. and so far the infection rate is down.

"This week there has only been four new positive cases among students," Fitzgerald said.

The university hopes those who are in violation of this policy will reach out to campus officials.

"Let us know that you are not coming to campus and be granted an official exemption," Fitzgerald said.

As the university works to keep its campus safe could it take the same position it has on testing with vaccines?

"We need to see how this works out whether requiring a vaccine is something that's appropriate to do," Fitzgerald said.