U of D rallies for Good Samaritan teen who lost foot in crash

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Sean English

It's been a tough week for the staff and young people at U of D Jesuit High School as one of their own recovers in the hospital, but their faith remains strong.

Teachers and students took part in a prayer service around 3 p.m. at the school for 16-year-old Sean English.

English nearly lost his own life while trying to save others last weekend.


"After what has happened to Sean, I've just learned to realize, I want to follow his example," one speaker said.

English was trying to be a Good Samaritan on Sunday morning following a car accident on I-96 near Davison.

That's when another driver, 17-year-old Keith Martin, struck English and Dr. Cynthia Ray, the other Good Samaritan who got out of her car to help.

A prayer service took place in the school's chapel for everyone involved.

Sean's life will never be the same.

He suffered several injuries -- one of his feet mangled, and it had to be amputated.

At the same time, his fellow teammate says Sean's spirits remain high.

"Sean has always been an outgoing guy. He still jokes about it although he is still in pain, but he knows there is going to be a better future for him," Lance Nichols said.

It's hard to believe this young person, bright future ahead of him suffered this kind of tragedy while trying to help others.

"It's been tough. In fact today, we were rehearsing, getting ready for our spring concert, and the bassist said to me we can't do this without Sean. It's really hard. We're trying to rally. We're trying to stay strong because he is going to need our support," said Michelle Linkous, choir director.

Sean English went through surgery this week, but again he will have a long road to recovery.