U.S. believes object shot down over Lake Huron likely for 'commercial purposes'

The three objects the U.S. shot down last weekend, including the one that was floating above Lake Huron are likely "benign" and not part of any espionage or foreign program, the White House said.

"The intelligence community did say that they are considering or looking this - at this to be potentially benign," said White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. "But of course we want to make sure that we get the objects…so we can get a sense of what the objects were for certain."

The spokesman for the National Security Council had earlier told media that intelligence agencies "leading explanation" for the objects, which were shot over Alaska and Canada in addition to the Great Lakes, "could just be balloons tied to some commercial" purpose.

Officials also said the first missile that was fired over the Great Lakes missed its target, before landing "harmlessly" in the water. A second one successfully hit. 

Rumors about potential UFOs and even extraterrestrial life spiraled from reports that the U.S. had shot down three unknown objects just days after downing what intelligence communities say was a spy ballon owned by China. 

While the objects shot down this weekend generated speculation as to their purpose, those questions may never get a complete answer. Recovery efforts in Lake Huron were hampered by choppy waters over the weekend. 

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Michigan Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin said Monday she didn't believe the object was a threat to national security.