UAW strike update coming • Oxford High School shooter to learn fate • Hacker steals 800 gallons of gas

UAW President Shawn Fain is expected to announce the next Big Three facilities that will join the picket line Friday.

He'll speak on Facebook Live at 10 a.m. after setting Friday as another deadline for significant negotiation progress.

Last week, Fain also held a morning press conference before workers at 38 General Motors and Stellantis plants walked out at noon. They joined workers from three plants that started striking Sept. 15.

The union is participating in a stand-up strike, meaning that only some members are striking, but more will be added as negotiations continue.

Last week's strike addition included only Stellantis and GM employees because Fain said Ford's negotiations had made good progress.


UAW strike: Union president to provide update Friday as more Big 3 autoworkers expected to join picket line

Union President Shawn Fain will provide an update on the UAW strike at Friday. Though he hasn't shared much about what he plans to announce, it's expected he will announce the next Big Three facilities joining workers on the picket lines.

Oxford High School shooter to learn fate

A judge will announce Friday whether the Oxford High School shooter can receive a life sentence without parole.

Because of his age, he couldn't be automatically sentenced to life without parole. Instead, a Miller hearing was held. During this, Judge Kwame Rowe heard from the defense and prosecution for four days.

Defense has argued that he was struggling with mental health that his parents allegedly ignored, while prosecutors say he planned the shooting. 

Rowe has been weighing the information provided to him during the Miller hearing to decide if life without parole is appropriate for the crime, which left four Oxford High students dead on Nov. 30, 2021. 

He is scheduled to be sentenced Dec. 8. 


WATCH LIVE: Oxford shooter in court for sentencing decision

Nearly two years since he killed students inside of Oxford High School, the confessed shooter will learn on Friday whether he will spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Man uses Bluetooth to steal 800 gallons of gas

A man used Bluetooth to hack into gas pumps at a station at Eight Mile and Wyoming in Detroit and steal 800 gallons of fuel.

This isn't a new scam, though it is resurfacing.

The man used his phone to essentially "open the pump," and once it is flowing, the clerk can't stop it.

"They just open the pump for them automatically," said Mo, the owner of the gas station.

Something similar happened at a gas station in Riverview recently. In that case, scammers used a bait-and-switch. One guy distracted the clerk with a Cash App problem inside, while the other hacked the pump.


Detroit man steals 800 gallons using Bluetooth to hack gas pumps at station

Some gas station owners are falling victim to a sophisticated scam.

Lions roll over Packers at Lambeau Field

The Detroit Lions beat the Packers 34-20  took possession of first place in the NFC North and looked impressive doing it before a national audience Thursday night.

David Montgomery never beat the Green Bay Packers during his four seasons with the Chicago Bears, but helped the Lions take early command of the division at Lambeau Field.

"It just felt real different coming in with the group of guys that I’m with," said Montgomery, who rushed for 121 yards and three touchdowns. "I’m blessed to come out here with these guys and get the ‘dub.’ That’s big for me. I can tell my son that I beat the Packers, so I’m excited to say that and excited to be a part of this team."

Montgomery carried the ball 32 times after sitting out the Lions’ victory over the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday with a thigh bruise. He became the first Lion to rush for three touchdowns at Green Bay and the first Detroit player to top 100 yards rushing with three TDs since James Stewart in 2000.


Montgomery leads Lions to dominant 34-20 win over Packers at Lambeau Field

Running back David Montgomery made a triumphant return from the injured list with 117 yards and three touchdowns as the Lions fell behind 3-0 early, then reeled off 27 straight points before halftime.

Blue Cross Blue Shield workers continue strike for better wages, end of tiers

About 1,100 Blue Cross Blue Shield workers are on strike across Michigan. They say they’re looking to end tiers and they want a better cost of living.

"We don’t want to be out here, but we need to be out here, in order for us to be fighting for what we need," said Andante Valentine.

And what they say they need — is better pay, the end of outsourcing jobs — and retirement healthcare.

"It’s really unfair and it is actually kind of senseless, to work for a healthcare provider and retire - and not have healthcare insurance," said Sharon Taylor.

Taylor has worked for Blue Cross Blue Shield for a decade — but she joined just after the deadline to get into Tier 1

That means if she goes on medical leave, she gets 70% of her pay. People before her, get 100%.


Blue Cross Blue Shield workers continue strike for better wages, end of tiers

What you might not realize, they’ve been on the picket lines even longer than the UAW going up against the Big Three.

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Updated COVID-19 vaccines may be getting a little easier for adults to find but they’re still frustratingly scarce for young children. Health officials said Thursday the kid shots have started shipping — and reminded most everyone to get a fall flu shot too.

About 2 million Americans have gotten the new COVID-19 shot in the two weeks since its approval despite early barriers from insurance companies and other glitches, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.

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