University of Michigan students walk out in support of Palestinians, clash with Israel supporters on campus

On Wednesday, students at the University of Michigan walked out in support of innocent Palestinians under attack in Gaza in a walkout with other students across the nation – all condemning universities and politicians for supporting Israel.

Thousands of students gathered on the diag at the University of Michigan on Wednesday to voice support for residents and families in Gaza. They were met by some pro-Israel supporters as well – who argued that the country was retaliating from the original Hamas attack.

The fighting started on October 7 when 1,400 people were killed in a surprise attack by Hamas. Since then, 6,500 people have been killed in Gaza.

As students like Jared Eno gathered on the diag, he said they stand against state violence.

"Graduate workers - like so many workers across the world  - stand against genocide, against apartheid, and against state violence," he said.

A small group of Jewish counter-protestors were also in attendance. We spoke with Josh Brown, a junior at the university, but the outrage and despair quickly took over.

"Standing up and saying that Israel's committing a genocide - a genocide - when all they're simply defending their citizens against," Brown said, before he was interrupted by someone calling him a liar. "I am concerned about the Palestinians who are dying in gaza - I am concerned. But when you ask the question of who is responsible responsible for those deaths? It is Hamas who uses human shields."

Public safety officers arrived to calm things down as the demonstration spread to the streets of Ann Arbor, with protesters chanting ‘Not another nickel - not another dime’.