Van full of tools stolen from Warren motel as couple works to get a home

Billy and Angela Johnson have been staying at a Warren Red Roof Inn as they work to get their own home.

Billy is a contractor and has been working to start his own business. On Sunday his van full of $15,000-20,000 worth of tools was stolen from the motel parking lot.

"I woke up. I was going to walk my dogs about 8 o’clock. We waited around until about 8:30. I noticed my van was gone at 8:30. I came up and told the clerk. He showed me a video of them taking my van," he said. "I saw a white van, Chevy van bow tie Astro. My guess is a full-size Astro van pull up right, directly, in the front of my van. At least one perp got out and in my van. And it was a good couple minutes before they pulled off."

Now Billy is without his livelihood and source of income.

"It’s horrible because I see my husband doing so well. Everything is going good. I’m so proud of him, and then this happens. What do you do? It’s devastating," Angela said.

Warren police said they were working to get surveillance video from the motel.

The couple has started a GoFundMe page to help replace the roils and van.