Van with children inside shot at, driver wounded in Inkster

Gunshots fly in Inkster - hitting a van full of kids and one of those bullets struck the female driver.

Inkster resident Chris Walker says when he heard gunshots in his neighborhood just before 11 p.m. Thursday. He did not think it was a big deal.

"I just heard gunshots but I always hear gunshots," Walker said. "That was no biggie, but then I see state police come around and block everything off."

Walker would soon learn that a 39-year old Inkster woman driving a minivan had been shot.

Police say she had four kids inside the vehicle with her, ages 5 to 17. Luckily, none were hit.

"She observed three males standing in the area of Bayhan and John Daly and upon passing those individuals she heard what she thought were rocks hitting the vehicle, but she soon discovered she had been shot," said Lt. Calvin Hart of Michigan State Police.

Investigators say as she tried to get away a Dearborn Heights officer saw the minivan run a stop sign.

"Upon investigation he realized the van had been riddled with bullets or bullet holes," Hart said. "And upon further investigation he discovered that the driver had been shot."

Police say the woman is recovering from her injuries at a local hospital.

Now police are working to learn what led up to the shooting.

"We want to find out what relationship if any, this individual may have had," Hart said. "Who she may have known or come in contact with earlier, prior to incident."

Residents say they hope police catch the suspects soon.

Police want anyone with information about the shooting to come forward.