Veteran DPSCD officer who died after breaking up fight remembered for kindness

We are learning more about the Detroit public schools' police officer who suddenly passed away after trying to break up a fight Thursday.

Officer Freddie Wilson was responding to an altercation near Henry Ford High School when he was rushed to the hospital. The fight happened at a residential intersection of Vaughan and Trojan.

How Wilson died remains a mystery — but we know Detroit police homicide investigators are helping Detroit Public Community Schools Police to solve the case.

Home surveillance video provides one of the best leads in his death. It doesn’t show the fight, but what it does show is a large group of students walking from the direction of the school at 3:30 p.m. Thursday.

Chaotic moments unfold in the video but it is unclear if Officer Freddie Wilson died as a result. While at the scene, our FOX 2 camera saw crime scene investigators collect a large log, which may have been used as a weapon.

"I really would like to send out sincere prayers and condolences to his friend, family - all those impacted by this - and his colleagues," said Karen Morgan.

Morgan is a friend and former colleague of Wilson. The two went to Detroit Osborne High School. Morgan also worked with the Detroit Public Schools Community District Board of Education.

"Freddie was a great guy, a really kind person," she said. "He was quiet. He was a great colleague, every time I saw him at Osborn's functions or on the job, he would always give me a hug and give me that smile.

"Being on the outside looking in. those officers need to be commended on what they come up against, every single day. In school they are there to protect the students of DPSCD, they are there to serve the students and staff of DPSCD and I think they do an honorable job doing it."

DPSCD won’t say much about the situation. In a statement, Superintendent Nikolai Vitti said in part: "The DPSCD school board and superintendent are saddened by the sudden death of Officer Freddie Wilson. Officer Wilson devoted more than 20 years with DPSCD. Our thoughts and prayers go to the Wilson family."

Darryl Eddings went to school with Officer Wilson.

"I was a basketball coach at Kettering High School," Eddings said. "Fred always made it a point that he was coming to our games. He always said, 'Man, I’ll be here behind y’all.'"

The two stayed in touch over the years. Eddings says Wilson has had a rough few years, including the loss of his wife and relatives during a triple homicide on Lamont Street.

"Him losing his wife - that was a load on him," Eddings said.

FOX 2 is still working to find out if any students may be involved in this investigation.

One of his friends said it doesn’t matter how Freddie Wilson died — it’s not going to bring him back.

DPSCD Officer Freddie Wilson.

DPSCD Officer Freddie Wilson.