Victim addresses man who attacked her in Opera House parking garage

An emotional statement was read in the courtroom Thursday, from a woman who was robbed and assaulted in downtown Detroit. 

Back in February, the woman was going to her car in the parking garage of the Detroit Opera House. Darius Jackson held her up at gunpoint, robbed her, then physically and sexually assaulted her in the backseat.

Thursday, the victim faced her attacker, letting him know how her life has changed.

She stated she's now afraid to be out in the dark, and that she feels like she constantly has to look over her shoulder. She says she can't approach her car without thinking about what happened, and how she was injured.

The woman was in the hospital for several days after, with fractures on the left side of her face and a broken finger. 

Jackson pleaded guilty to armed robbery and a gun charge, hoping to avoid more than thirty years in prison. He had been facing a slew of charges

"I don't know Mr. Jackson, and I only have this incident to judge him by. I don't know if he's done anything like this before, or if he would have done it again," said the victim, who is not being identified. "I am glad he turned himself in, confessed and told police where to recover my phone. I don't know if he did these things because he has a conscious, or because the cameras caught him."

Jackson did apologize to the victim after she read her statement. 

"I'm very remorseful for what I've done. I accept the consequences that I must face," he said in court. 

He will be sentenced Monday.