Victim says drunk man playing Pokémon Go totals parked truck

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A man who police say was drunk and playing Pokémon while driving not only crashed into a parked car, the owners say he totaled it.

"It's 3:30 I was making coffee and I heard a loud bang. I turn around and see my father in laws' truck in the grass," one witness said.

According to police, the responsible driver was a 28-year-old man who was on the trail of a Pokémon. His game lead him into the Commerce Meadows neighborhood and police say he was drunk.

Witnesses said the Pokémon  hunter was going 60 to 80 miles an hour.

Lindenmuth said the Ford F-150 that was parked on the street was totaled.

"It's crazy. It's stupid there are too many kids the speed limit is 15 through here," she said. "You can be going 15 and hurt somebody let alone 60."

The accident pushed the truck into the front lawn and a neighbor who saw it happen got in their own car to try and block the driver from leaving. It didn't work.

Despite having deployed airbags, and a busted out tire, the driver managed to swerve around the road block and drive away.. but much like finding a pokemon police were able to track this suspect down.. thanks to a trail of debris he was leaving behind from his crash.

Police tracked him to his house in Walled Lake where he admitted to drinking and driving and tracking Pokemon. 

His name has not been released.