Victim speaks after accused serial rapist pleads guilty to 9 charges

A sexual assault victim is finding comfort in hearing the man who sexually assaulted her and so many others is owning up to his crimes.

"Hearing him acknowledge that he was where he was and acknowledge the crimes he committed, that changes everything because now there's no more lies, there's no more secrets. I don't have to prove that he was there," the victim said.

Ikeie Smith in court Monday pleaded guilty to all charges in all nine cases in his trial, including the sexual assault of a woman who does not want to be identified.


"You relive it every day, every moment," the victim said.

The victim says Smith forced his way into her Redford home during the early morning hours of Nov. 24 in 2014.

"Nothing to describe the anger, the lack of feeling and control -- you're so helpless," she said.

Police had been an investigating a string of home invasions and sexual assaults in several cities including Dearborn, Redford, Garden City and Allen Park since 2011.

With the help of Michigan State Police and the FBI, Smith was arrested last September and taken into custody.

The suspect's trial began April 24, but on Monday, one week after the trial started, Smith decided instead to plead guilty.

His attorney explained what prompted this change.

"There's pressure in going to trial," Wyatt Smith said.

Ikeie Smith's attorney would not elaborate but he believes his client is a victim also,

"There are a combination of things that have affected him in his life that caused him these problems," he said.

Sentencing will take place May 25, but the victim says she's doing her best to move on and help others .

"I'm going to try to help as many people as I can just by being available for victims," she said.